The Beachside Gift Supporters Club 

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Become a Member of The Beachside Gift Supporters Club. The Club provides a fantastic opportunity for the Community, Athletes – past and present to reconnect, celebrate and support its growth into the future. The Beachside Gift is quickly becoming one of the must-see events on the sporting calendar.

The Club provides value for money for both those attending and or those who wish to support from near and afar.

Membership Costs:

• $25 Beachside Gift Single (18 years +) Membership

• $35 Beachside Gift Family (2 Adults, 3 Children) Membership

• $20 Beachside Gift Pensioner or Concession holder Membership

• $250 Beachside Gift Coterie Group (Corporate Support) Membership

• $8.00 General Admission (Under 16 free)

Benefits include:







• (General Admission are excluded from the above benefits)

So, reconnect with family, friends, past competitors and come to support this top-flight event featuring Australian and International athletes, Professional Athletics, footballers’ relays, food and terrific entertainment at the Beachside Gift in 2023.

Beachside Wins Again!

The Beachside Gift Committee is extremely proud to announce that for the third consecutive year it has been awarded the “Meeting of the Year” on the Victorian Athletic League Inc circuit for this year’s Community Bank Parkdale and Mentone East Beachside Gift.

The Committee would like to thank all of the sponsors, volunteers, City of Kingston, St Bedes/Mentone Tigers AFC and the Mentone Cricket Club Est.1888 for their support. We now look forward to next year’s Gift on Saturday 4 February 2023.

Beachside Gift Handicaps 2022

EventFirst NameSurnameHCP
120m Masters (35+)LeighPhelan2.5
120m Masters (35+)PaulTancredi3.5
120m Masters (35+)MatthewEddy4.25
120m Masters (35+)MohamadZeed5
120m Masters (35+)PatrickMcCarthey5.25
120m Masters (35+)MurrayPerch6
120m Masters (35+)MitchellPalmer6.25
120m Masters (35+)MatthewHarvey6.5
120m Masters (35+)ShaunTaylor7
120m Masters (35+)NoddyAngelakos8
120m Masters (35+)PaulHughes10.25
120m Masters (35+)ChristopherBrown10.5
120m Masters (35+)JamieJohns11
120m Masters (35+)VicSharma11.5
120m Masters (35+)StewartDobrzynski11.75
120m Masters (35+)DanielMartin12
120m Masters (35+)MarkGlassborow13.25
120m Masters (35+)StevenCoulson14.25
120m Masters (35+)JulianFawcett14.25
120m Masters (35+)ToddIreland15
120m Masters (35+)JohnHilditch15.5
120m Masters (35+)BrendanBOYLE16
120m Masters (35+)StephenMcCulloch16.25
120m Masters (35+)AndrewDrummond16.5
120m Masters (35+)ScottShillito16.5
120m Masters (35+)MartinBarrow17.5
120m Masters (35+)PeterBiggs17.75
120m Masters (35+)RamonaCasey18
120m Masters (35+)DominicCondello18
120m Masters (35+)DamienWapshott19
120m Masters (35+)DavidGriffin19.25
120m Masters (35+)DavidGill20
120m Masters (35+)TonyMartin20.25
120m Masters (35+)JeffSargent20.5
120m Masters (35+)MatthewDunn21
120m Masters (35+)BronwenLoizou21
120m Masters (35+)SamanthaBarrow21.75
120m Masters (35+)RobIrwin22
120m Masters (35+)NarelleLehmann23.75
120m Masters (35+)RichardWearmouth24.75
120m Masters (35+)RichardNorris25.5
120m Masters (35+)BrendanBailey26.5
120m Masters (35+)ArthurInce31
120m Masters (35+)MariaCahill32
120m Masters (35+)SonyaPollard32.25
120m Masters (35+)GaryMahon36
120m Masters (35+)TonyO’Shea36
120m Masters (35+)ElissaWard36
120m Mens GiftAshleyMoloney2.5
120m Mens GiftMichaelHanna3.75
120m Mens GiftNathanRiali3.75
120m Mens GiftJacksonBennett4
120m Mens GiftJackBoulton4
120m Mens GiftLiamMoss4
120m Mens GiftIsaacDunmall4.75
120m Mens GiftMunasheHove4.75
120m Mens GiftAaronLeferink4.75
120m Mens GiftSayeMorris4.75
120m Mens GiftJakeIreland5
120m Mens GiftAsthikaLiyanaarachchi5.25
120m Mens GiftBrendanAshcroft5.5
120m Mens GiftJesseMckenna5.5
120m Mens GiftBruceDusmez6
120m Mens GiftTylerLackmann6
120m Mens GiftCalvenLipec6
120m Mens GiftDylanMcgann6
120m Mens GiftMohamed shaheemMohamed sajehan6
120m Mens GiftMichaelMoschou6
120m Mens GiftJackO’Farrell6
120m Mens GiftCooperSmith6
120m Mens GiftJacksonSweet6
120m Mens GiftAnthonyTorrini6
120m Mens GiftMatthewWarren6
120m Mens GiftJackColgrave6.25
120m Mens GiftTapasuPaea6.25
120m Mens GiftDanielRischitelli6.25
120m Mens GiftLucasWright6.25
120m Mens GiftTomByrne6.5
120m Mens GiftMichaelDean6.5
120m Mens GiftKieranGordon6.5
120m Mens GiftAidanGreen6.5
120m Mens GiftJordanHumphrey6.5
120m Mens GiftMatthewNapier6.5
120m Mens GiftJessePatterson6.5
120m Mens GiftJackRamsay6.5
120m Mens GiftJackWolff6.5
120m Mens GiftHamishAdams6.75
120m Mens GiftMichaelDinan6.75
120m Mens GiftMattDinan6.75
120m Mens GiftJackMay6.75
120m Mens GiftParvinder singhBajwa7
120m Mens GiftCampbellButson7
120m Mens GiftBenHugall7
120m Mens GiftBenjaminNewman7
120m Mens GiftJackOdea7
120m Mens GiftRyanO’neil parker7
120m Mens GiftMakiLoukeris7.25
120m Mens GiftKylePerrin7.25
120m Mens GiftBrettRichards7.25
120m Mens GiftJasonBailey7.5
120m Mens GiftTomPerry7.5
120m Mens GiftLincolnBarnes7.75
120m Mens GiftSamClark7.75
120m Mens GiftJesseCordoma7.75
120m Mens GiftPatrickMartin7.75
120m Mens GiftMattStandfield7.75
120m Mens GiftJohnEvans8
120m Mens GiftEndaleMekonnen8
120m Mens GiftMattBurleigh8.25
120m Mens GiftHughHoffmann8.25
120m Mens GiftHarrisonKerr8.25
120m Mens GiftJeromeLugo8.25
120m Mens GiftDionPaull8.5
120m Mens GiftCoreyBaker8.75
120m Mens GiftDarcyIreland8.75
120m Mens GiftStuartAberdein9
120m Mens GiftDanielQuattrone9
120m Mens GiftMichaelRomero9
120m Mens GiftDominicHoskins9.25
120m Mens GiftJaiPerry9.25
120m Mens GiftRoryNunn9.5
120m Mens GiftRhysParkinson9.5
120m Mens GiftRyanCamille10
120m Mens GiftJackDoderico10
120m Mens GiftLukeMitchell10
120m Mens GiftMohamadZeed10
120m Mens GiftMasonKeast10.25
120m Mens GiftKevinBrittain10.5
120m Mens GiftPaulTancredi10.5
120m Mens GiftPatrickMcCarthey11
120m Mens GiftNoddyAngelakos12
120m Mens GiftSimonCarey12
120m Mens GiftCamDunbar12.5
120m Mens GiftChrisDiegan12.75
120m Mens GiftTimRosen14.75
120m Mens GiftPaulHughes16
120m Mens GiftStevenCoulson18
120m Mens GiftVicSharma18.25
120m Under 14FinnQuinn1.25
120m Under 14JesseLumby3
120m Under 14HarryScurrah3
120m Under 14HannahMcmeel10.25
120m Under 14BridieNeale11
120m Under 14KiaraBoyd12
120m Under 14HarryMcdonough12
120m Under 14TrinityBarrow15
120m Under 14AbbieJeacock15
120m Under 14JazmynCartledge15.75
120m Under 14TysonBeames16.25
120m Under 14CharlotteDunn16.5
120m Under 14MilenaGorman16.5
120m Under 14ZekeFeatherston17.25
120m Under 14GeorgiaBenton18.25
120m Under 14LiamBasil21.5
120m Under 14EmmaWilson23
120m Under 14CadenBarrow24
120m Under 14LeoMcmeel24
120m Under 14JackKinnersly25.75
120m Under 14MaxFawcett26
120m Under 14SajanDeol29
120m Under 14NedO’farrell29
120m Under 14JamesMoore33
120m Under 14TeaganLayTBC
120m Under 18 BoysMichaelMoschou0.75
120m Under 18 BoysElijahbrown2
120m Under 18 BoysBlakeCoote-bramley2
120m Under 18 BoysTylerCrombie2
120m Under 18 BoysJaycogadeanang2
120m Under 18 BoysKhoderJackson2
120m Under 18 BoysQuantreySaunders2
120m Under 18 BoysHarryScurrah2
120m Under 18 BoysJacobSmith2
120m Under 18 BoysTomWale2
120m Under 18 BoysCooperWall2
120m Under 18 BoysCalebKilpatrick6.5
120m Under 18 BoysJackRamsay12.25
120m Under 18 BoysRyanO’neil parker13
120m Under 18 BoysJackMay14
120m Under 18 BoysAuberyWatson14.25
120m Under 18 BoysKidusMekonnen14.5
120m Under 18 BoysXavierSanchez15.75
120m Under 18 BoysFinnQuinn16.25
120m Under 18 BoysMaxHoult18
120m Under 18 BoysMaxQuinn18
120m Under 18 BoysWillGriffin-close18.25
120m Under 18 BoysOllieFeatherston18.75
120m Under 18 BoysJarvisCartledge19.25
120m Under 18 BoysPatrickMeade20.5
120m Under 18 BoysHarryO’Farrell22
120m Under 18 BoysHarryMcdonough25.5
120m Under 18 BoysLachlanKinnersly28.5
120m Under 18 BoysLeoMcmeel34.5
120m Under 18 BoysMaxFawcett35
120m Under 18 BoysJackKinnersly36
120m Under 18 BoysJamesMoore36
120m Under 18 BoysNedO’farrell36
120m Under 18 GirlsGraceKelly4.25
120m Under 18 GirlsGabrielleTrajer5
120m Under 18 GirlsLaylaWatson8
120m Under 18 GirlsTrinityInall-bejah9
120m Under 18 GirlsAmeliaSpenceley12
120m Under 18 GirlsAbbeyFrancis12.5
120m Under 18 GirlsMiriamSuares-jury14.25
120m Under 18 GirlsGraceCarter14.5
120m Under 18 GirlsAmberVan eede16.25
120m Under 18 GirlsHannahMcmeel17
120m Under 18 GirlsAna HelenaPereira17
120m Under 18 GirlsCharlotteNielsen17.25
120m Under 18 GirlsSophieStokes17.5
120m Under 18 GirlsKaylahBarrett17.75
120m Under 18 GirlsBridieNeale17.75
120m Under 18 GirlsVictoriaStiliadis17.75
120m Under 18 GirlsKiaraBoyd19
120m Under 18 GirlsMerindaCarter19.25
120m Under 18 GirlsTayaMcphan19.25
120m Under 18 GirlsEricaPeake20.25
120m Under 18 GirlsMimiTucker20.5
120m Under 18 GirlsLanaToomer20.75
120m Under 18 GirlsMatildaHume21
120m Under 18 GirlsAbbieJeacock21.75
120m Under 18 GirlsTrinityBarrow22.75
120m Under 18 GirlsCharlotteDunn23
120m Under 18 GirlsMilenaGorman23
120m Under 18 GirlsBethanyJones23.5
120m Under 18 GirlsMontanaKerr24
120m Under 18 GirlsFlorenceMcEniry24
120m Under 18 GirlsFinFawcett24.5
120m Under 18 GirlsMollyBlood25
120m Under 18 GirlsPippiBarrow25.75
120m Under 18 GirlsMargotWorthy26
120m Under 18 GirlsAvaToomer26.75
120m Under 18 GirlsEbonyIreland27.75
120m Under 18 GirlsEmmaWilson30.25
120m Under 18 GirlsEllaMoore31.5
120m Womens GiftTaylahCruttenden1
120m Womens GiftNanaOwusu1.75
120m Womens GiftJessicaPayne4
120m Womens GiftGraceKelly4.25
120m Womens GiftZoeNeale4.75
120m Womens GiftCassandraWang lecouteur5.5
120m Womens GiftAbbeyFrancis6
120m Womens GiftHollyHansen6
120m Womens GiftTrinityInall-bejah6
120m Womens GiftBethanyJones6
120m Womens GiftAntjeKempff6
120m Womens GiftJessicaMilat6
120m Womens GiftChiaraSantiglia6
120m Womens GiftEllieKeratianos6.5
120m Womens GiftTaylahPerry6.5
120m Womens GiftOliviaRusso6.5
120m Womens GiftLivRyan6.75
120m Womens GiftGraceO’Dwyer7
120m Womens GiftJuliaPHILLIPS7.25
120m Womens GiftMeganHeap7.5
120m Womens GiftTayaMcphan7.5
120m Womens GiftCharlotteNielsen7.5
120m Womens GiftIsabellaParrott7.5
120m Womens GiftAmeliaSpenceley7.5
120m Womens GiftVictoriaStiliadis7.5
120m Womens GiftMiriamSuares-jury7.5
120m Womens GiftBellaPasquali7.75
120m Womens GiftMontanaKerr8.25
120m Womens GiftAkshayaIyer8.5
120m Womens GiftShahdMohamed8.5
120m Womens GiftCaitlinHawks8.75
120m Womens GiftKeelyHenderson8.75
120m Womens GiftGabriellaBoulton9
120m Womens GiftEllaMoore9
120m Womens GiftChloeKinnersly9.75
120m Womens GiftEmilyCarty10
120m Womens GiftZoeGlassborow10.25
120m Womens GiftGraceCarter10.5
120m Womens GiftOliviaMay10.75
120m Womens GiftOliviaBarbour11
120m Womens GiftGeorgiaMills11
120m Womens GiftKatieMoore11
120m Womens GiftAshleighTerlato11
120m Womens GiftJodyRichards11.5
120m Womens GiftAmberVan eede11.5
120m Womens GiftCaraBoustead Hill11.75
120m Womens GiftHannahLindstrom11.75
120m Womens GiftHannahDuynhoven12
120m Womens GiftHalleMartin12
120m Womens GiftRamonaCasey12.5
120m Womens GiftAna HelenaPereira12.75
120m Womens GiftMontanaBeruldsen13
120m Womens GiftZoeCunningham13.75
120m Womens GiftLorynSavoia14
120m Womens GiftElizabethMelrose14.5
120m Womens GiftMargotWorthy15
120m Womens GiftMegLehmann16.5
120m Womens GiftIsabellaAntonino18
120m Womens GiftAlexTzilantonis18
120m Womens GiftMadeleineParris18.25
120m Womens GiftMeganMcmahon18.75
120m Womens GiftCaitlynNicholson18.75
120m Womens GiftChloeBarnard20.25
300m Under 18 BoysValentinoBertucci12
300m Under 18 BoysTylerCrombie12
300m Under 18 BoysJesseLumby12
300m Under 18 BoysJacobSmith12
300m Under 18 BoysCooperWall12
300m Under 18 BoysBruceDusmez13
300m Under 18 BoysCalebKilpatrick14
300m Under 18 BoysPatrickRetschko15
300m Under 18 BoysAuberyWatson21
300m Under 18 BoysMaxHoult22
300m Under 18 BoysRyanO’neil parker26
300m Under 18 BoysPatrickMeade31
300m Under 18 BoysHarryO’Farrell32
300m Under 18 BoysXavierSanchez33
300m Under 18 BoysJarvisCartledge34
300m Under 18 BoysLiamDenner38
300m Under 18 BoysWillGriffin-close38
300m Under 18 BoysArcherJones39
300m Under 18 BoysMaxQuinn45
300m Under 18 BoysKidusMekonnen49
300m Under 18 BoysHarryMcdonough59
300m Under 18 BoysLachlanKinnersly62
300m Under 18 BoysMaxFawcett68
300m Under 18 BoysLeoMcmeel70
300m Under 18 GirlsLaylaWatson5
300m Under 18 GirlsGraceCarter9
300m Under 18 GirlsGabrielleTrajer10
300m Under 18 GirlsSophieStokes15
300m Under 18 GirlsKaylahBarrett18
300m Under 18 GirlsAna HelenaPereira23
300m Under 18 GirlsLanaToomer29
300m Under 18 GirlsMimiTucker30
300m Under 18 GirlsMollyBlood36
300m Under 18 GirlsMontanaKerr37
300m Under 18 GirlsCharlotteNielsen40
300m Under 18 GirlsEricaPeake40
300m Under 18 GirlsHannahMcmeel42
300m Under 18 GirlsKiaraBoyd43
300m Under 18 GirlsBridieNeale43
300m Under 18 GirlsJazmynCartledge44
300m Under 18 GirlsPippiBarrow45
300m Under 18 GirlsAbbieJeacock46
300m Under 18 GirlsMatildaHume47
300m Under 18 GirlsGeorgiaBenton49
300m Under 18 GirlsEbonyIreland49
300m Womens/MastersLeighPhelan2
300m Womens/MastersMitchellPalmer7
300m Womens/MastersPaulTancredi10
300m Womens/MastersMatthewHarvey12
300m Womens/MastersCraigRollinson12
300m Womens/MastersNickHoward17
300m Womens/MastersMatthewEddy18
300m Womens/MastersNoddyAngelakos19
300m Womens/MastersShaunTaylor19
300m Womens/MastersJessicaPayne20
300m Womens/MastersShaneQuinn22
300m Womens/MastersJamesMcEniry23
300m Womens/MastersLivRyan23
300m Womens/MastersAdrianBender25
300m Womens/MastersJulianFawcett25
300m Womens/MastersMarkGlassborow25
300m Womens/MastersTimHalpin25
300m Womens/MastersCaitlinHawks25
300m Womens/MastersGordonKnight25
300m Womens/MastersDanielMartin25
300m Womens/MastersCraigSanford25
300m Womens/MastersChiaraSantiglia25
300m Womens/MastersCassandraWang lecouteur25
300m Womens/MastersAndrewDrummond26
300m Womens/MastersTimCherry27
300m Womens/MastersBellaPasquali27
300m Womens/MastersJuliaPHILLIPS27
300m Womens/MastersDarrenNaismith28
300m Womens/MastersGrahamVerbunt28
300m Womens/MastersStevenCoulson30
300m Womens/MastersMeganHeap30
300m Womens/MastersTayaMcphan30
300m Womens/MastersStephanieMeerwald30
300m Womens/MastersGeorgiaMills30
300m Womens/MastersMiaSpencer30
300m Womens/MastersVictoriaStiliadis30
300m Womens/MastersJacquelineTorrini30
300m Womens/MastersGraceO’Dwyer32
300m Womens/MastersTaylahPerry32
300m Womens/MastersScottShillito32
300m Womens/MastersGabriellaBoulton33
300m Womens/MastersBrendanBOYLE33
300m Womens/MastersHalleMartin34
300m Womens/MastersMontanaBeruldsen35
300m Womens/MastersKeelyHenderson35
300m Womens/MastersToddIreland35
300m Womens/MastersJamieJohns35
300m Womens/MastersChloeKinnersly35
300m Womens/MastersDarrenArthur36
300m Womens/MastersRamonaCasey38
300m Womens/MastersAshleighHamilton38
300m Womens/MastersZoeGlassborow39
300m Womens/MastersOliviaBarbour40
300m Womens/MastersRUBYCrisp40
300m Womens/MastersDavidGriffin40
300m Womens/MastersElizabethMelrose40
300m Womens/MastersLorynSavoia40
300m Womens/MastersAlexTzilantonis40
300m Womens/MastersChristopherBrown41
300m Womens/MastersCarlMcMeel41
300m Womens/MastersDominicCondello43
300m Womens/MastersStephenMcCulloch43
300m Womens/MastersKatieMoore43
300m Womens/MastersMarkHipworth44
300m Womens/MastersWayneJames44
300m Womens/MastersDamienWapshott44
300m Womens/MastersClaireDouglas45
300m Womens/MastersClaireHurley45
300m Womens/MastersMadeleineParris45
300m Womens/MastersRobIrwin47
300m Womens/MastersJeffSargent47
300m Womens/MastersGerardAdams48
300m Womens/MastersKirrilyBurnett48
300m Womens/MastersTonyMartin48
300m Womens/MastersPeterO’Farrell48
300m Womens/MastersMegLehmann49
300m Womens/MastersMeganMcmahon49
300m Womens/MastersIsabellaAntonino50
300m Womens/MastersStevenHurl50
300m Womens/MastersDavidGill51
300m Womens/MastersSamanthaBarrow52
300m Womens/MastersChloeBarnard55
300m Womens/MastersRichardWearmouth55
300m Womens/MastersBrettMacdonald57
300m Womens/MastersCaitlynNicholson57
300m Womens/MastersGregDenner58
300m Womens/MastersDanielleMcDowell58
300m Womens/MastersLesWilliams58
300m Womens/MastersNarelleLehmann59
300m Womens/MastersTravisLongmuir60
300m Womens/MastersMariaCahill69
300m Womens/MastersAndrewVan eede74
300m Womens/MastersSonyaPollard77
300m Womens/MastersLynnGunning82
300m Womens/MastersMartinArmour84
300m Womens/MastersGaryBlake84
300m Womens/MastersElissaWard88
300m Womens/MastersGaryMahon90
300m Womens/MastersTonyO’Shea90
300m Womens/MastersBelindaVickers90
3200m MensStewartMcsweyn0
3200m MensBrettRobinson30
3200m MensJackRayner60
3200m MensBenBuckingham115
3200m MensJoelTobin-White120
3200m MensJordanWilliamsz120
3200m MensThomasThorpe125
3200m MensWillGarbelotto195
3200m MensLoganJanetski195
3200m MensMichaelMarantelli220
3200m MensTobyObrien240
3200m MensRhysHadfield315
3200m MensBradKitto325
3200m MensGlennMcMillan360
3200m MensMichaelPreece360
3200m MensJoshuaAugustinus380
3200m MensBrodieAtcheson385
3200m MensRoryCraig385
3200m MensTobiasLawrence385
3200m MensJacobSprunt385
3200m MensTroyAtkins400
3200m MensNicholasCallanan400
3200m MensLiamDenner400
3200m MensMattGrant400
3200m MensLiamHanrahan400
3200m MensJulianHarris400
3200m MensMarkHipworth400
3200m MensDanielHopkins400
3200m MensPhilNoden400
3200m MensJacobNolan400
3200m MensNicholasO’Connor400
3200m MensJoshuaSait400
3200m MensAndrewSait400
3200m MensDavidSpence400
3200m WomensNatalieRule0
3200m WomensAmyBunnage55
3200m WomensJulietMc burney175
3200m WomensSophieCoughlin210
3200m WomensMegOakley-kerr250
3200m WomensMollyReiger285
3200m WomensGeorginaMees315
3200m WomensSaskiaLloyd335
3200m WomensLucyPolkinghorne355
3200m WomensMatildaStrugnell355
3200m WomensKuslaDeol370
3200m WomensAndreaDe jong375
3200m WomensCharlotteGarbelotto375
3200m WomensAliceOakley -kerr375
3200m WomensEmilyBartlett400
3200m WomensCocoBourke400
3200m WomensStellaCrawford -rust400
3200m WomensBiancaCroucher400
3200m WomensLivieDa costa-alves400
3200m WomensJessFettell400
3200m WomensLouisaLazar400
3200m WomensAmberLouw400
3200m WomensYsemeneOstik400
3200m WomensKellyRuddick400
3200m WomensIngridWoodward400
400m OpenMunasheHove10
400m OpenMatthewNapier11
400m OpenJohnEvans12
400m OpenJackBoulton14
400m OpenSimonFitzpatrick14
400m OpenCalebKilpatrick16
400m OpenDominicHoskins17
400m OpenRileyBryce20
400m OpenTomByrne20
400m OpenJoshuaDowling20
400m OpenSebHadaway20
400m OpenAaronLeferink20
400m OpenAsthikaLiyanaarachchi20
400m OpenJeromeLugo20
400m OpenEndaleMekonnen20
400m OpenMichaelMoschou20
400m OpenBenjaminNewman20
400m OpenJackOdea20
400m OpenJackO’Farrell20
400m OpenCooperSmith20
400m OpenJacobSmith20
400m OpenAnthonyTorrini20
400m OpenJackWolff20
400m OpenStuartAberdein24
400m OpenPatrickMartin24
400m OpenGregMitchell24
400m OpenDionPaull24
400m OpenLucasWright24
400m OpenLincolnBarnes25
400m OpenRyanAntidormi27
400m OpenNicholasAntonino27
400m OpenMitchellPalmer27
400m OpenLonainBurnett28
400m OpenBuddyWilliams28
400m OpenNathanLivitsanos29
400m OpenJackColgrave30
400m OpenLukeMitchell30
400m OpenJessePatterson30
400m OpenJaiPerry30
400m OpenSamuelSabbatucci30
400m OpenMattStandfield30
400m OpenBrettMaurer31
400m OpenChadRyan31
400m OpenHughHoffmann32
400m OpenPaulTancredi32
400m OpenCameronYorke32
400m OpenMichaelChimenton33
400m OpenMichaelDinan33
400m OpenBradyLehmann34
400m OpenBenHugall36
400m OpenAlexJones36
400m OpenPaulHughes37
400m OpenSeanDavidson38
400m OpenChrisDiegan38
400m OpenCamDunbar38
400m OpenLachlanMilligan39
400m OpenMattDinan40
400m OpenBrettMacdonald40
400m OpenBraydenMaurer40
400m OpenRhysParkinson40
400m OpenDanielQuattrone40
400m OpenCraigRollinson40
400m OpenTimRosen40
400m OpenRoryNunn41
400m OpenJamesMcEniry42
400m OpenCraigSanford42
400m OpenNoddyAngelakos45
400m OpenJayBlake47
400m OpenDarrenNaismith48
400m OpenDavidFlood49
400m OpenTimHalpin52
400m OpenAndrewDrummond53
400m OpenSimonCarey54
400m OpenDavidHaigh54
400m OpenJarodSutton54
400m OpenNickHoward56
400m OpenJedUpton56
400m OpenMartinBarrow62
400m OpenHannahLindstrom70
400m OpenPeterO’Farrell76
400m OpenRichardNorris80
400m OpenJeffSargent80
400m OpenDanielO’shea85
400m OpenStefanCatalano90
400m OpenDanielleMcDowell92
400m OpenLesWilliams100
70m OpenMichaelHanna2.25
70m OpenNathanRiali2.25
70m OpenMunasheHove2.5
70m OpenJasonBailey2.75
70m OpenMichaelMoschou3
70m OpenTapasuPaea3.25
70m OpenJackBoulton3.5
70m OpenJackColgrave3.5
70m OpenAidanGreen3.5
70m OpenAaronLeferink3.5
70m OpenSayeMorris3.5
70m OpenMichaelDean4
70m OpenBruceDusmez4
70m OpenMaxHoult4
70m OpenDylanMcgann4
70m OpenXavierSanchez4
70m OpenJacksonSweet4
70m OpenAnthonyTorrini4
70m OpenTomWale4
70m OpenBrendanAshcroft4.25
70m OpenCampbellButson4.25
70m OpenJesseCordoma4.25
70m OpenJessePatterson4.25
70m OpenDanielRischitelli4.25
70m OpenJordanHumphrey4.5
70m OpenTayaMcphan4.5
70m OpenJackRamsay4.5
70m OpenHamishAdams4.75
70m OpenJoshuaDowling4.75
70m OpenTomGriffin4.75
70m OpenJakeIreland4.75
70m OpenBrettRichards4.75
70m OpenJackWolff4.75
70m OpenNicholasAntonino5
70m OpenMattBurleigh5
70m OpenJohnEvans5
70m OpenKieranGordon5
70m OpenKidusMekonnen5
70m OpenBenjaminNewman5
70m OpenHarrisonKerr5.25
70m OpenMakiLoukeris5.25
70m OpenEndaleMekonnen5.5
70m OpenJackOdea5.5
70m OpenDionPaull5.5
70m OpenCoreyBaker5.75
70m OpenSamClark5.75
70m OpenJaiPerry5.75
70m OpenParvinder singhBajwa6
70m OpenLincolnBarnes6
70m OpenHughHoffmann6
70m OpenPatrickMartin6.25
70m OpenLukeMitchell6.25
70m OpenKylePerrin6.25
70m OpenRyanO’neil parker6.5
70m OpenMasonKeast6.75
70m OpenMatthewEddy7
70m OpenMichaelRomero7
70m OpenMattStandfield7
70m OpenMatthewHarvey7.25
70m OpenDominicHoskins7.25
70m OpenDarcyIreland7.25
70m OpenJackDoderico7.75
70m OpenRoryNunn8
70m OpenCamDunbar8.25
70m OpenPatrickMcCarthey8.5
70m OpenMitchellPalmer8.5
70m OpenTaylahCruttenden9
70m OpenDavidGriffin9
70m OpenTimRosen9
70m OpenOliviaMay9.5
70m OpenChrisDiegan9.75
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70m OpenJessicaPayne9.75
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70m OpenCassandraWang lecouteur10.25
70m OpenHollyHansen10.5
70m OpenElizabethMelrose10.5
70m OpenAmeliaSpenceley10.5
70m OpenMiaSpencer10.5
70m OpenSimonCarey10.75
70m OpenZoeNeale10.75
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70m OpenJohnHilditch14
70m OpenCaraBoustead Hill14.5
70m OpenCaitlynNicholson15.75
800m OpenJackLunn0
800m OpenMattScott4
800m OpenJoelDonnar16
800m OpenRileyBryce28
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800m OpenSamuelSabbatucci82
800m OpenClintAnderson86
800m OpenTimHalpin92
800m OpenDarrenNaismith98
800m OpenNickO’Halloran100
800m OpenGrahamVerbunt102
800m OpenDavidHaigh114
800m OpenPeterO’Farrell116
800m OpenMarkHipworth120
800m OpenGordonKnight120
800m WomensCatrionaBisset0
800m WomensClaudiaHollingsworth14
800m WomensGeorgiaGriffith16
800m WomensEllieSanford30
800m WomensMadeleineMurray38
800m WomensAbbeyCaldwell44
800m WomensSarahBillings48
800m WomensCleoRichardson70
800m WomensBridieHill74
800m WomensSophieStokes74
800m WomensJacquelineTorrini78
800m WomensCleaClifford82
800m WomensAnnaKasapis82
800m WomensRUBYCrisp110
800m WomensSueAnderson120
800m WomensKirrilyBurnett120
800m WomensClaireHurley120
800m WomensDanielleMcDowell120
800m WomensKylieWilliams120
800m WomensIngridWoodward120
800m WomensLauraYorke120

Dingley Hotel Rewards Program

The Community Bank Parkdale Beachside Gift Committee is proud to announce the Dingley Hotel sponsorship of the 70m Open handicap for the fifth consecutive year.

For terrific food, accommodation and functions the staff at the Dingley Hotel will make you stay a wonderful experience.

As the accommodation provider for the Community Bank Parkdale Beachside Gift the Dingley Hotel is located is located 5 minutes from the track.

Become a member of the Dingley Hotel – Platinum Rewards program and receive:
• 500 bonus points on signing up
• 5% off drinks & bistro food*
• Exclusive offers & discounts
• Earn reward points for every dollar spent

Support our sponsors that support the Gift. Without them, there would be no Gift.

Please email completed application form to

William Buck 2 Mile Championship

The Beachside Gift Committee is proud to announce the William Buck 2 Mile Championship for Men at the Gift on Saturday 5 February 2022 at Mentone Reserve. A prize pool of $3000 is on offer and last years 2 Mile has been remembered as one of the best races on the Australian Athletic Calendar. Watch the last two laps of the race to relive the incredibly tight finish.

The Committee is pleased to announce that Olympians, Tokyo finalist in 1500m current world Number 3 Stewart McSwyen will be back to avenge his close second in this year’s Gift.

William Buck Director Neil Brennan said ‘William Buck was proud to be associated with The Beachside Gift as it provides an incredible experience for both athletes and spectators alike. We hope you are all able to attend this fantastic event as it continues to grow in statue as one of Australia’s preeminent athletic events in the country’.

FREE Registration at Beachside Gift

Entries for the Community Bank Parkdale and Mentone East Beachside Gift are now open.

Over $20,000 is up for grabs on Saturday 5 February 2022 at the magnificent new facility at Mentone Reserve, Venice Street Mentone. With support of the Mentone Cricket Club and the St Bede’s Football Club the day promises to see Australia’s best Athletes on show.

Olympic bronze medalist Ash Moloney is a confirmed starter and the next big name will drop tonight.Highlights on the day are the following races each worth $3000:
• Community Bank Beachside Gift for Men and Women 120m
• Community Bank 800m Men
Australian Fitness Academy RTO No. 21062 800m Women’s
• William Buck Beachside Gift Men’s 2 Mile Championship
• Dancing with the Black Dog Beachside Gift Women’s 2 Mile Championship Sponsored by Hodges

A great opportunity for any distance athletes is available with a free registration for any distance races (race entry only) at the Beachside Gift. So, if you’re a distance athlete and want the opportunity to race against Australia’s best on handicap, here’s your chance.

This years Community Bank Gift will be shown live on Kayo Sports for 3.5 hours. This year’s event in 2021 was voted Victorian Athletic League Inc Meeting of the Year so get you entries in now and don’t miss this years Gift.

Parkdale Gift Awarded “BEST” Event of 2020/21 (DEC 21)

The Beachside Gift was proud to accept the award for ‘Meeting of the Year’ for the Parkdale Gift in 2021 at the Victorian Athletic League Inc season opener at Meadowglen on Sunday 29 November.

The award was voted on by the Victorian Runners and Trainers Association. The organising committee is looking to another successful event with the move to Mentone Reserve and the unveiling of the rebranded Community Bank Parkdale and Mentone East Beachside Gift on Saturday 5 February 2022.

Our event is two weeks after the Wangaratta Sports Club Gift and the week before the Ballarat Gift.

Catered Lunch (Oct 2021)

The 2022 Beachside Gift, held at Mentone Reserve, home of the St. Bedes Mentone Tigers Football Club, boasts a very impressive 2nd floor viewing platform of the field.

In conjunction with Holmesglen Tafe Hospitality students, a special lunch and drinks will be provided for anyone who attends the Beachside Gift.

Stay tuned for more information as it becomes available.