Parkdale Sports Carnival Final Timetable

An action packed day with:

  • Children’s playground
  • Food vans
  • Market stalls
  • Open bar and
  • Bookie for betting on the races
8:00 Gates Open
8:30 Hodges Healthy Start Fitness & Pilates  
10:00 Boxing Weight-in Weigh-In
11:00 Hippo Athletic Club 800m Open Heat
11:17 City of Kingston 800m Womens Heat
11:32 Booran Holden Cheltenham and Southland Kia 70m Open Heat
12:00 Dingley Hotel Boxing Begins – Card List Bouts x 20
12:16 Hippo Athletic Club 800m Open FINAL
12:21 City of Kingston 800m Womens FINAL
12:30 70m Open Semi
12:44 120m U14 Heat
12:55 Booran Holden Cheltenham and Southland Kia 70m Open Final
1:00 120m U14  Final
1:07 Bendigo Bank 120m Womens Heat
1:43 Bendigo Bank 120m Gift Heat
2:12 Official Opening
2:15 Little Athletics Sprints Misc
3:15 120m Womens Semi
3:30 120m Gift Semi
3:44 Tim Richardson MP 120m Bayside School Girls Heat
3:55 Hon. Mark Drefus MP 120m Bayside School Boys Heat
4:06 Australian Fitness Academy 300m U18 Girls Heat
4:18 Australian Fitness Academy 300m U18 Boys Heat
4:30 Elmore Oil 300m Masters & Women Heat
5:14 Hon. Mitch Fifield 400m Open Heat
5:35 120m Invitation Women sponsored by Geoff and Angie Gledhill FINAL
5:40 Hodges 120m Invitation Men FINAL
5:45 Hon. Mark Dreyfus MP 120m Bayside School Girls  FINAL
5:50 Tim Richardson MP 120m Bayside School Boys FINAL
5:55 Bendigo Bank 120m Womens FINAL
6:05 Bendigo Bank 120m Gift FINAL
6:15 Executive Security Solutions 1600m Open FINAL
6:25 Australian Fitness Academy 300m U18 Girls FINAL
6:30 Australian Fitness Academy 300m U18 Boys FINAL
6:35 Elmore Oil 300m Masters & Women FINAL
6:40 Hon. Mitch Fifield 400m Open FINAL
7:00 Official Closing

Parkdale Sports Carnival DRAFT Timetable


See below for Parkdale Sports Carnival’s DRAFT timetable for Saturday 24th March 2018.

8:00 Gates Open
8:30 Healthy Start Fitness & Yoga  
10:00 Boxing Weight-in Weigh-In
10:30 800m Open Heat
10:54 800m Womens Heat
11:06 70m Open Heat
11:50 800m Open FINAL
12:00 800m Womens FINAL
12:00 Boxing  Begins – Card List Bouts x 20
12:10 70m Open Semi
12:24 120m Womens Heat
12:41 120m Gift Heat
1:30 Official Opening
1:35 Little Athletics Sprints Misc
2:25 120m Bayside School Girls Semi
2:36 120m Bayside School Boys Semi
2:47 120m Womens Semi
3:01 120m Gift Semi
3:14 120m U14 Heat
3:25 70m Open FINAL
3:35 300m U18 Girls Heat
3:51 300m U18 Boys Heat
4:10 300m Masters & Women Heat
4:45 400m Open Heat
5:25 4x200m Footballers Relay FINAL
5:35 120m U14 FINAL
5:40 120m Invitation Women FINAL
5:45 120m Invitation Men FINAL
5:50 120m Bayside School Girls FINAL
5:55 120m Bayside School Boys FINAL
6:02 120m Womens FINAL
6:10 120m Gift FINAL
6:20 1600m Open FINAL
6:30 300m U18 Girls FINAL
6:35 300m U18 Boys FINAL
6:40 300m Masters & Women FINAL
6:45 400m Open FINAL
6:55 Official Closing

Dingley Hotel Golden Gloves Poster parkdale Gift

“The Kimberley Experience” – we need your help!

Press Release – February 2018

The Parkdale Gift intends to assist two Indigenous sprinters from ‘The Kimberley’ Community of Mowanjum – an indigenous community on the out skirts of Derby, in far North Western Australia to run at both the Parkdale Gift on March 24 2018 and the following week at the world famous Stawell Gift over distance ranging from 70m – 120m.


A key aspect of this program is also to raise funds for logistics and establish a base funding for this to become an annual event. The local community within Bayside have banded together and provided nearly $3,000 worth of prizes with the winners drawn just before but announced at the Parkdale Gift on Saturday March 24.

Tickets can be bought on line via a link from RAFFLE website



History – Indigenous Winners of the Stawell Gift

There is a long history of successful Aboriginal runners in the Stawell Gift from Robert Kinnear, the first Aboriginal runner to win the Stawell Gift in 1883 through to champions like Tom Dancey, an Aboriginal stockman and boundary rider won Australia’s most famous footrace in 1910.  Lynch Cooper, a Yorta Yorta man, was born in the early 1905 at Moira Lake near Tocumwal and was educated at Mulwala State School. Cooper was the first Aboriginal sprinter to win the World’s Sprint Championship. He won the Stawell Gift in 1928 and Josh Ross the two times winner of the gift in 2003 and 2005.

Lynch Cooper – Stawell Gift Winer 1928



Former professional runners Scott Grigg (now a Director with The Clontarf Foundation in Goonawindi and previously in Northern Western Australia) and Parkdale Gift organiser Tim Mason are joining forces to engage with the Indigenous communities in Northern Western Australia and through the Parkdale and Stawell Gifts, provide an opportunity to two young Indigenous men to both experience these iconic events and showcase their natural abilities of speed for which the Indigenous people are renown.


  • To develop skill sets, utilise technology and provide tangible and measurable outcomes.
  • Utilise the discipline required for sports at the top level to help achieve this.
  • To show case Indigenous talent and promote both the Parkdale and Stawell Gift.
  • To potentially unearth new and untapped Indigenous talent and make a difference
  • To align with the philosophies of The Clontarf Foundation that exists to improve the education, discipline, life skills, self-esteem, employment prospects of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander men and by doing so equips them to participate meaningfully in society.

Solomon Puemorra 16 and Deqwayne Puemorra 18 are from ‘The Kimberley’ communities of Mowanjum – an indigenous community on the out skirts of Derby, in far North Western Australia and bring with them the speed that the Indigenous are renowned for.

Corporate Support

Corporate support in particular from individuals, Paul Ferguson, Dean Capobianco (the last Western Australian to win the Stawell Gift in 1990 – ironically defeating Tim Mason in the final) and Councillor Geoff Gledhill the City of Kingston and the Moorabbin Airport Corporation has allowed this vision to become reality.

The program will be documented and filmed from the very beginning of their journey up in ‘The Kimberley’, including the training regime and culminating in their first start at The Parkdale Gift and their participation in Australia’s world famous Stawell Gift. It is planned that this will be supported by a trip to the Kimberly’s to fine tune their training prior to arrival.

Other significant support from Samsung have provided tablets to allow for remote training and advice, Telstra, Coles, Athletes Foot, M Health and Nike for support when they arrive locally.


Local Indigenous involvement

The Parkdale local Indigenous community plans to support Solomon and Deqwayne through their stay at Parkdale and their journey to Stawell.


For further Information contact:

Tim Mason – President Parkdale Gift 0456 985 201

Scott Grigg – 0412 684 376

Dingley Hotel “Golden Gloves” Boxing Tournament

Who will be named Parkdale Gift Golden Gloves Champion?

The Parkdale Gift is pleased to announce that The Dingley Hotel as the Naming Rights Major Sponsor for the Dingley Hotel “Golden Gloves” Boxing Tournament at the upcoming Parkdale Gift scheduled for March 24 2018.

The “Golden Gloves” tournament will be conducted through the Victorian Amateur Boxing League and in the tradition of the Golden Gloves Boxing, Parkdale will see the best amateur boxers from Australia on display.

Up to 30 bouts from 12.00pm until 6.30pm will see the action fly off the track whilst the runners and tennis players perform on their respective tracks.

The Dingley Hotel is located only 3.8kms from the Gerry Green Reserve, Parkdale and supports the Parkdale Gift 2018 by offering:

  • Significant discounts are available for those athletes and spectators from Melbourne, Regional Victoria and Interstate seeking top class Accommodation including late checkout
  • A Free Courtesy Bus that will transport you in style to and from the track
  • International standard food and beverage at great prices
  • Late licensed venue
  • The After Party at Dingley to celebrate the winners
  • Giveaways at the track

Victorian Amateur Boxing League President Nick Lundh said “This is one of the must attend events for the year” with up to thirty bouts, free boxing activities and tips for all – it is a great opportunity to experience a magnificent event that will be on the Melbourne calendar for many years to come”.

Dingley Hotel General Manager Danny Brady said” The Dingley Hotel is proud to be a part of the Gift – the first since 1964 and the opportunity to be involved in this new and exciting event in Kingston is something we look forward to in March 2018”.

Parkdale President Tim Mason said “This will be one of the highlights of the day and I can’t wait to see the action”.

As the Parkdale Gift’s sole Hotel partner we encourage all those seeking accommodation, meals and an easy ride to Parkdale to contact them at:

 The Dingley Hotel

334 Boundary Rd, Dingley Village VIC 3172

Phone(03) 9551 8344

Dingley Hotel Parkdale Gift Packages Length of Stay
Normal 1-3 (10%) 4-5 (20%) 5+ (25%)
Executive Room $      205.00 $      184.50  $      164.00  $      153.75
Deluxe Room $      215.00 $      193.50  $      172.00  $      161.25
Standard Room $      142.00 $      127.80  $      113.60  $      106.50
Standard King Room $      149.00 $      134.10  $      119.20  $      111.75
Superior King Room $      155.00 $      139.50  $      124.00  $      116.25
Twin Room $      157.00 $      141.30  $      125.60  $      117.75
Triple Room $      175.00 $      157.50  $      140.00  $      131.25
Family Room $      195.00 $      175.50  $      156.00  $      146.25
Extra Person $        20.00 $        18.00  $        16.00  $        15.00
Non package cooked $        23.00
Package cooked $        18.00
Non package continental $        15.00
Package continental $        12.00

For Further information contact Tim Mason

at or

0490 021 918 or 0456 985 201

Bendigo Bank Brings Back Parkdale Gift 2018

12 December 2017

Press Release


The Parkdale Gift – Sporting Carnival is proud to announce that the Australian Iconic Bendigo Bank located in Parkdale/ Mentone East as the Naming Rights Sponsor of the Bendigo Community Bank Parkdale Gift for both Men and Women.

Each Gift for Men and Women is worth $5,000 and will ensure a top class fields one week prior to the running of the world renown Stawell Gift held one week later, and the Commonwealth Games in Australia two weeks later.

 The events have been declared non-penalty by the Victorian Athletic League. Country Victorian and Interstate Athletes can stay at the Dingley Hotel where full accommodation and meals are available and a free shuttle bus to and from the track provided will make for a great traffic free event.

The Parkdale Gift was originally held for two years between 1963-64. On March 24 2018 the Parkdale Gift – Sporting Carnival returns to the same ground 54 Years later. The Parkdale Gift – Sporting Festival will create an event into an ongoing financially viable and sustainable community event of significance within Victoria and specifically the municipality of the City of Kingston.

The Parkdale Gift vision is to involve the Melbourne community, local sporting clubs, schools businesses and the community to hold four internationally recognised sports to provide a “smorgasbord of sport” on the one day. The event will present a unique experience for both spectators, athletes & participants and the community and show case:

  • Professional Running from 70m – 1600m
  • Parkdale Tennis “Fast Four” Championship.
  • Dingley Hotel Golden Gloves Boxing.

In addition to these main sports it is proposed to undertake a range of additional activities which includes:

  • Hodges Healthy Start Event.
  • Involvement of local sporting clubs and associations (football, cricket & tennis).
  • Involvement of a Bayside Schools U/16 Championship over 120m and
  • The City of Kingston Twilight Market.
  • Food Vans & Activities for all.

Parkdale Gift Organiser – Tim Mason said

“If it wasn’t for the Bendigo Bank in Parkdale – the resurgence of the old Parkdale Gift 54 years later may NOT have happened. Our focus is not only the athletes but the involvement of the Community including the Parkdale Football, Cricket and Tennis Clubs and the City of Kingston has been vital. The range of events, athletes – many of whom we expect from Interstate and activities provides something for everyone. The Bendigo Banks contribution to the Community is significant and the Parkdale Gift looks forward to the 2018 event with great enthusiasm”.

Parkdale Bendigo Bank Manager Peter Wolff said

“An opportunity to become involved in such a unique community event with so many activities on the one day within the City of Kingston was something that we are pleased to be involved in. The outcomes and benefits to the community groups, community, schools and local business’s will ensure that this event will remain on the City of Kingston Callander for many years to come”.

For Further Information contact

Parkdale Gift Organiser

Tim Mason

0456 985 201

AFA – Australian Fitness Academy

The Parkdale Sports Carnival welcomes Steve Hore and his team at the Australian Fitness Academy – AFA as a sponsor of our 2018 event. Follow AFA here.

The Australian Fitness Academy has been in the business of providing fitness education since 1993, so you can be confident of our commitment and level of expertise.

Our philosophy is to:

  • Provide a range of engaging and interactive learning resources to cater for the needs of students because we recognise that people have different learning styles
  • Provide accessible and helpful support services to assist students to complete our courses and gain the qualifications they need to commence work in the industry.
  • Develop lifelong learning pathways to assist you, to not only complete your initial qualification, but to also keep you informed as your career in the industry progresses.
  • Assist you to gain employment through our broad reaching industry networks.

We have made a huge investment in educational and support teams to be always on hand for online and face to face students should they need any assistance throughout their course.

We have assisted thousands of people to develop successful careers in the fitness industry and look forward to helping you change your life!

SIGN UP to a course now…


The Story of the Great George McNeill

This footage is part of George’s story and gives some background to the origins Pro running in Scotland. George won the centenary races of both the Powderhall Gift and the Stawell Gift.  How do you think George would go at the Parkdale Gift?  Leave a reply in the comments section below.

Comments from Youtube:
‘The only man in the world to win the New Year Sprint and the Stawell Gift. Ran a world record of 11.1 for 120 yards (110m) which still stands today. He was not allowed to ever compete in the Olympics due to receiving money as a pro footballer but some say he may well have been able to win a medal over 100m or 200m if he had have been allowed.’

‘I read that McNeill’s best time was equivalent to a 10.0 100m. Fine running in that era, remember Borzov ran 10.07 in his quarterfinal in Munich which is equivalent of a 9.8 with hand timing, 9.9 at the slowest. However, as this docu states McNeill did not have the luxury of the same training conditions as those in a warmer climate so could well have matched Borzov.’

‘True great of the sport and such a shame that he never got to represent his Country at the Olympics, if I remember correctly, he was faster than Valeri Bortzov when he was reigning Olympic champ!!’

‘George McNeil – in the early 70s was a runner extraordinaire. It was such a travesty for him and for the nation, Scotland and the U.K.,and other British athletes that the British sports rules were so steep in an out of touch lost belief system of amateurism. At 100m to 120m George was at the upper outer most edges of world class and some. George and the gym and sprint training program from the professional sprinter schools served at the core of much of Scotland’s Allan Wells’ introductory foundation to sprinting. Allan took this whole approach to new heights and suffering through mind boggling smart but very hard work to reach his zenith at Moscow. Respect as always. DJ…From Carlsbad CA.’

Hodges Real Estate Announces Sponsorship of Hodges Healthy Start and Hodges Backmarkers 120m Invitational

Bayside Premier and Iconic Real Estate Agent Hodges has announced the Sponsorship of Hodges “Healthy Start” and the “Hodges 120m Back Markers Invitational” at the Parkdale Gift that will be held at Gerry Green Reserve Parkdale on 24 March 2018

The very first event of the Parkdale Gift is the “Hodges Healthy Start” – Hodges have teamed with local business “Love Your Soul” owned by Eleesha & Chris Dixon (2 time distance winner at Stawell) to provide an event which includes, Pilates, Yoga and an hour and half of activity that is sure to get the Bayside community and the Parkdale Gift pumping.

This mass health event held on the oval at Gerry Green invites the whole Bayside community to come and be a part of the day.

Hodges Director and Auctioneer Jason Swift said that the coming back of the Parkdale Gift “the first since 1964” was iconic for Parkdale and the wider Bayside community. Hodges sponsorship is vital in ensuring that the community embraces the Parkdale Gift and as part of the sponsorship announcement, Hodges will donate $1,000 to the Parkdale Gift if any property sold by Hodges in the Bayside Area (Mentone Office) specifically mentions The Parkdale Gift“

“Parkdale President – Tim Mason said – To have the involvement of Hodges in the Hodges Healthy Start is a fantastic way to start the Bendigo Community Bank Parkdale Gift. This is one of the activities for the whole family. In addition the Hodges 120m Backmarkers Invitational will see the best athletes via for one of the day’s most prestigious Sashes – “Hodges means Quality”

Hodges Director and auctioneer Jason Swift photographed below as he prepares for the Hodges Healthy Start at Parkdale’s Gerry Green Reserve.yogapark

Elmore Oil Competition Winners!

Congratulations to the below winners of our recent offer. Winners will receive their FREE bottle of Elmore Oil via Tom at the Victorian Athletic League.

Paul O’Neill
Jacob Nolan
James Collier
Taj Westworth
Matt Burleigh
Alex Tzilantonis
Zachary Wright
John Hilditch
Sue Anderson
Nathan Crowley
Craig Sanford
Ellie Sanford
Tim Cherry
Chris Wilkinson
Augustine Carty-Cowling
Jeff Sargent
Jacob Densley
Kimberley Geelan
Ella Squire
Bailey Squire