The Story of the Great George McNeill

This footage is part of George’s story and gives some background to the origins Pro running in Scotland. George won the centenary races of both the Powderhall Gift and the Stawell Gift.  How do you think George would go at the Parkdale Gift?  Leave a reply in the comments section below.

Comments from Youtube:
‘The only man in the world to win the New Year Sprint and the Stawell Gift. Ran a world record of 11.1 for 120 yards (110m) which still stands today. He was not allowed to ever compete in the Olympics due to receiving money as a pro footballer but some say he may well have been able to win a medal over 100m or 200m if he had have been allowed.’

‘I read that McNeill’s best time was equivalent to a 10.0 100m. Fine running in that era, remember Borzov ran 10.07 in his quarterfinal in Munich which is equivalent of a 9.8 with hand timing, 9.9 at the slowest. However, as this docu states McNeill did not have the luxury of the same training conditions as those in a warmer climate so could well have matched Borzov.’

‘True great of the sport and such a shame that he never got to represent his Country at the Olympics, if I remember correctly, he was faster than Valeri Bortzov when he was reigning Olympic champ!!’

‘George McNeil – in the early 70s was a runner extraordinaire. It was such a travesty for him and for the nation, Scotland and the U.K.,and other British athletes that the British sports rules were so steep in an out of touch lost belief system of amateurism. At 100m to 120m George was at the upper outer most edges of world class and some. George and the gym and sprint training program from the professional sprinter schools served at the core of much of Scotland’s Allan Wells’ introductory foundation to sprinting. Allan took this whole approach to new heights and suffering through mind boggling smart but very hard work to reach his zenith at Moscow. Respect as always. DJ…From Carlsbad CA.’

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  1. Remembering George McNeill 1n 1987 in Seattle, Washington at the Edgewater. We went out for the couple of days when he was here with the football team in a tournament). My name is Chris (Christina ), we both were born February 19th 1947. Great memories as we danced to Sweet Love by Anita Baker. A genuine true gentleman and human being.
    With greatest admiration,

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