The Parkdale Gift – Pro Athletics

Parkdale Gift 


The Parkdale Gift Athletics Carnival aims to attract athletes from Victoria, Interstate and Internationally. The average carnival attracts around 500 athletes. Conducted under the auspicious of the Victorian Athletic League Professional running is unique to both Australia and Scotland with a rich history within Australian sport culminating with the time honoured Stawell Gift at Easter.

Professional running allows athletes of all ages and abilities to compete in a fun and competitive environment. Each athlete is given a mark, or handicap, based on their ability, giving them an equal opportunity to triumph in their chosen event. Gifts are traditionally held on a grass surface and distances range from 70m to 3200m.

The races that have been identified will showcase professional running best. This event is the last event before the Stawell Gift, one week later.

This Parkdale Gift will involve the Professionals, Footballers, Schools in the South East and the local Little Athletics Association.

The races that are tentatively identified include:

Professional Races (Prize Money to be announced):

  • 70m Open
  • 120m U18
  • 120m Parkdale Gift Open
  • 120m Parkdale Gift Women
  • 120m Masters
  • 300m Masters/Women
  • 400m Open  
  • 400m U18
  • 800m Open
  • 800m Elite
  • 1600 U18
  • 1600m Open
  • 120m Invitation


  • 120m Footballers Race. (one representatives from all clubs in VAFA Division B)
  • 120m School Boys Under 16 Championship.
  • 120m School Girls Under 16 Championship.
  • 120m Little Athletics Parkdale Championship.

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