Draft Parkdale Sports Carnival Athletics Timetable 2 February 2019

Information For Athletes
Please note: Starting time will be 12pm and some adjustments may be made when final entry numbers are confirmed.


Time Event Category Draw
12:00 70m Open Heat
12:41 120m U14 Heat
12:52 70m Open Semi
1:06 120m u18 Junior Girls Gift Heat
1:20 120m u18 Junior Boys Gift Heat
1:34 120m Masters Heat
1:54 70m Open FINAL
1:59 120m u14 FINAL
2:04 120m u18 Junior Girls Gift FINAL
2:09 120m u18 Junior Boys Gift FINAL
2:14 120m Masters FINAL
2:24 120m Womens Gift Heat
2:53 120m Mens Gift Heat
3:30 Offical Opening
3:30 Little Athletics Sprints (45min) Misc
4:15 800m Open Heat
4:35 800m Women Heat
4:47 120m Womens Gift Semi
5:01 120m Mens Gift Semi
5:15 120m Bayside School Girls Heat
5:26 120m Bayside School Boys Heat
5:37 800m Open FINAL
5:42 800m Women FINAL
5:50 300m u18 Girls Heat
6:02 300m u18 Boys Heat
6:14 300m Women & Masters Heat
6:58 400m Open Heat
7:30 4x200m Sports Relay FINAL
7:40 1600m Open FINAL
7:50 120m Backmarkers Men FINAL
7:55 120m Backmarkers Women FINAL
8:00 120m Bayside School Girls FINAL
8:05 120m Bayside School Boys FINAL
8:10 120m Womens Gift FINAL
8:15 120m Mens Gift FINAL
8:25 300m u18 Girls FINAL
8:30 300m u18 Boys FINAL
8:35 300m Women & Masters FINAL
8:40 400m Open FINAL

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